Why Does My Cursor Turn Into A Double Arrow?

How do I change the cursor on my computer?

To change how the mouse pointer looksOpen Mouse Properties by clicking the Start button.

, and then clicking Control Panel.

Click the Pointers tab, and then do one of the following: To give all of your pointers a new look, click the Scheme drop-down list, and then click a new mouse pointer scheme.

Click OK..

How do I change my cursor back to the arrow?

Double click the “Mouse” icon once you are in the Control Panel. Select the “Pointers” tab, which is next to the “Buttons” tab at the top. Click on the “Normal Select” option that contains the white arrow. Once that is highlighted click “Apply” and then “OK”.

How do I fix my double cursor?

Solutions to fix corrupted mouse pointerSelect the Display Pointer Trails Option. … Switch Off Windows Aero. … Turn Off the Screensaver. … Disconnect the Secondary VDU. … Move the Cursor Quickly Between Both VDUs. … Select Duplicate on the Project Sidebar.

How do I get rid of the scroll bar on my cursor?

I figured out that it is called “Virtual Scrolling” and you can disable it.Go to Control Panel, and select Mouse. … Go into the tab called Device Settings, and you will see a list of one of more devices.Make sure your touchpad device is highlighted.Beneath that list, hit the button that says Settings.More items…•

Why does my mouse pointer change to a scroll bar?

I was having this same problem and finally found the answer! Press windows key, type in “mouse”. In the Mouse Properties window, press tab labelled “Thinkpad”. Under the item, “Enable Trackpoint” and “Middle Button Action”, click on the item, “use as middle click”.

Why do I have a hand instead of a cursor?

The option is called a Panning Hand. Outlook will show this option when you have the Tablet PC components installed in Windows. The option sits right above the vertical scrollbar on the right side of the message. When it is enabled, you can scroll through the message without using the scroll bar.