Why Does My Apple Pencil Stop Working?

Why does my apple pencil randomly stop working?

It can be a hardware problem, a problem with your Bluetooth settings or your device.

We list steps below in order of most common to cause this issue: Try each tip until your problem is fixed.

Loose tip/nib: A common issue is that the tip/nib of your pencil can become loose and then stop working..

Why does my apple pencil keep cutting out?

First attempt to repair the issue is to Try disconnecting Bluetooth, re-enable. … Otherwise, restart the iPad, under Bluetooth settings, select the Apple Pencil and forget this device, then re-enable Bluetooth. Plug the Apple Pencil into the iPad.

How do I know when my Apple pencil is dying?

Try charging the Pencil longer, like a couple of hours. The battery may have been flat ( 0% charged ) or close for too long. If no joy after charging for 2-3 hours, your Apple Pencil battery has failed and your Apple Pencil is dead.

How long do apple pencils last?

12 hoursApple Pencil promises 12 hours of battery life and 30 minutes of usage after a 15 second quick charge by plugging it into the iPad Pro. Optionally, you can charge Apple Pencil with the included Apple Pencil Charging Adapter and a self-supplied Lightning cable like the one that came with the iPad Pro.

Can I leave my Apple pencil charging overnight?

You will not hurt your pencil by leaving it on charge even after it has reached 100%. Apple has never offered any lithium battery powered device that can be over-charged.

Does the Apple pencil wear out?

The Apple Pencil tip is a consumable item. It will wear – and is intended to be replaced as and when necessary.

Can an apple pencil Be Fixed?

Apple doesn’t repair or replace the batteries in Apple Pencil. You can buy replacement tips for your Pencil in your Apple Store for $19.95 for a package of 4 tips. The warranty on your Pencil is one year from date of purchase. But if there is damage to the pencil, accidental damage would not be covered.

What happens when your Apple Pencil dies?

If your Apple Pencil sat around unused and not kept charged up for more than a few weeks, or so, OR LONGER, then the battery in your Apple Pencil may have failed and is dead and you will have to purchase another brand new Apple Pencil.

What do I do if my Apple pencil keeps disconnecting?

Question: Q: Apple pencil keeps disconnectingMade sure the nib is properly tightened.Reset network settings.Forget the apple pencil in Bluetooth.Turn Bluetooth on and off.Factory reset my iPad (erase all contents and settings) through my computer.More items…•