Quick Answer: What Do You Mean By Interactive Communication?

What is effective interactive communication?


Effective Interactive Communication* is transmitting and receiving information clearly and communicating actively with others in a manner that is effective and consistent with the organizational objectives.

*This competency excludes written communication such as notes or e-mail exchanges..

How do you develop interactive skills?

In addition, you can consider the following tips to improve your interactive learning skills.Design the conversation. … Keep the distractions away. … Be a good listener. … Take care of your body language. … Be confident. … Make it short and informative. … Make it fun. … Practice makes man perfect.

What is a interactive?

1 : mutually or reciprocally active. 2 : involving the actions or input of a user especially : of, relating to, or being a two-way electronic communication system (such as a telephone, cable television, or a computer) that involves a user’s orders (as for information or merchandise) or responses (as to a poll)

What are the advantages of interactive model of communication?

– enables you to interact with other people instead of just your friends and families. – let’s the user to think rationally before they answer, avoiding prejudice. – builds up a virtual community. – widen their circle of friends.

What are the advantages of the interactive version?

It helps business to make a long-term relationship between customers. Interactive tools provide continuous support to customers in an easy way. Getting feedback from the customer is also done with the interactive system, for example, online polls and surveys.

How would you describe the communication process in your own words?

The communication process is the steps we take in order to successfully communicate. Components of the communication process include a sender, encoding of a message, selecting of a channel of communication, receipt of the message by the receiver and decoding of the message.

What’s another word for interactive?

What is another word for interactive?collaboratingcollaborativecoordinatedconnectedintermutualinterdependentsynergeticinterchangeablereturnedreciprocated87 more rows

Which makes the communication process interactive?

Rather than illustrating communication as a linear, one-way process, the interaction model incorporates feedback, which makes communication a more interactive, two-way process. Feedback includes messages sent in response to other messages. … The interaction model is also less message focused and more interaction focused.

What are the advantages of communication model?

“Advantages of models: They order and relate various elements and concepts to one another, They explain things by illustrating in simplified form information that might otherwise be complicated or ambiguous, They predict outcomes or the end process of events.

What is interactive tool?

An interactive tool is a way to increase engagement with a target audience by allowing them to interact with the page itself. For example, a medical information website may offer an interactive food calculator to help users track food intake and exercise.

What is the interactive model of communication?

The interactive or interaction model of communication, as shown in Figure 2.2. 2, describes communication as a process in which participants alternate positions as sender and receiver and generate meaning by sending messages and receiving feedback within physical and psychological contexts (Schramm, 1997).

What are the examples of interactive model of communication?

Human-computer interaction is also now considered as interactive communication as the model is circular where the senders interchange every time. Social media, interactive marketing and user generated contents, ATM machines, online shopping, chat rooms, etc are other examples of interactive communication model.

What is interactive action?

The definition of interactive is action and communication between two people or two things, such as two-way communication. An example of an interactive game is one in which you communicate with the game and the game gives feedback back based on what you said or did. adjective.

Why is interactive communication important?

Effective interactive communication strategies can help you give and receive the input and feedback you need to run your small business effectively. Good business communication skills have the potential to eliminate or reduce workplace mistakes, oversights and interoffice conflict.

How do you communicate in a culturally sensitive manner?

Here are our top ten tips for effective cross-cultural communication:Maintain etiquette. Many cultures have specific etiquette around the way they communicate. … Avoid slang. … Speak slowly. … Keep it simple. … Practice active listening. … Take turns to talk. … Write things down. … Avoid closed questions.More items…