Quick Answer: What Actresses Are In Their 50s?

Who is the oldest female actress?

Betty WhiteConsidered one of America’s greatest treasures, Betty White is the oldest actress on this list and had the longest television career of any actor, male or female..

What celebrities are in their 50s?

Barack Obama (59) Robert Downey Jr (55) Michael Jordan (57) George Clooney (59) Linus Torvalds (50) Mike Tyson (54) Joe Rogan (53) Wayne Gretzky (59)More items…

What stars are 55 years old?

55 Years OldRobert Downey Jr. Movie Actor.The Undertaker. Wrestler.J.K. Rowling. Young Adult Author.Shah Rukh Khan. Movie Actor.Dr. Dre. Rapper.Jill Vertes. Reality Star.Martin Lawrence. Movie Actor.Chris Rock. Comedian.More items…

Who is the most beautiful 50 year old woman?

This 50-year-old star was just named ‘Most Beautiful Woman in the World’Pierce Brosnan. … Sheryl Crow. … Denzel Washington. … Kelly Preston. … Keanu Reeves. … George Clooney. … Helen Mirren. Perfection. … Julianne Moore. It’s a coin toss as to what makes the 54-year-old actress hotter — her beauty or her career.More items…•

What stars are 54 years?

54 Years OldAbby Lee Miller. Reality Star.Adam Sandler. Movie Actor.Gordon Ramsay. Chef.Mike Tyson. Boxer.Jordan Matter. Photographer.Patrick Dempsey. TV Actor.Janet Jackson. Pop Singer.Salman Khan. Movie Actor.More items…

Who is the prettiest girl in Hollywood?

50 Most Beautiful Hollywood ActressesAngelina Jolie. Actress | Maleficent. … Rachel McAdams. Actress | The Notebook. … Blake Lively. Actress | Gossip Girl. … Anne Hathaway. Actress | Les Misérables. … Emma Stone. Actress | La La Land. … Scarlett Johansson. Actress | Her. … Nina Dobrev. Actress | The Perks of Being a Wallflower. … Ashley Tisdale.More items…•

What stars are 51 years old?

51 Years OldJennifer Lopez. Pop Singer.Jennifer Aniston. TV Actress.Ice Cube. Rapper.Ellen Pompeo. TV Actress.Gwen Stefani. Pop Singer.Jack Black. Movie Actor.Tyler Perry. TV Producer.Matthew Perry. TV Actor.More items…

What celebrities are 60 years old?

60 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Are Turning 60 This YearEmma Thompson.Magic Johnson.Jason Alexander.Simon Cowell.Val Kilmer.Kevin Spacey.Hugh Laurie.Marie Osmond.More items…•

What actresses are in their 60’s?

TOP ACTRESSES IN THEIR 60’S <3meryl streep. actress | out of africa. ... helen mirren. red. diane keaton. annie hall. sally field. forrest gump. jessica lange. tootsie. sissy spacek. in the bedroom. isabelle huppert. elle. kathy bates. misery.more items...•

What actresses are in their 70’s?

Actresses Who Are In Their 70s1 Helen Reddy. Listed In: Singers. … 2 Holland Taylor. Listed In: Film & Theater Personalities. … 3 Dolly Parton. Listed In: Film & Theater Personalities. … 4 Conchata Ferrell. Listed In: Film & Theater Personalities. … 5 Meryl Streep. Listed In: Film & Theater Personalities. … 6 Liza Minnelli. … 7 Barbra Streisand. … 8 Priscilla Presley.More items…

What actors are 53 years old?

53 Year Old ActorsVin Diesel.Matt LeBlanc.Will Ferrell.Mark Ruffalo.Jason Statham.C Thomas Howell.Akshay Kumar.John Barrowman.More items…

What stars are 59 years old?

59 Years OldBarack Obama. US President.Billy Ray Cyrus. Country Singer.George Clooney. Movie Actor.Eddie Murphy. Movie Actor.Ralph Macchio. Movie Actor.Carole Baskin. Activist.George Lopez. Comedian.Michael J. Fox. Movie Actor.More items…