Quick Answer: How Do I Get The Demon Mask?

How much is the demon mask in bee swarm simulator?

The Demon Mask is the red counterpart of the Diamond Mask.

It can be reached by going to the Lava Obby (located behind the Honey Dispenser) and taking a slight detour about halfway through the obstacle course.

The mask costs 500 stingers, 250 red extracts, 150 enzymes, 100 glue, and 5,000,000,000 (5 billion) honey..

What does ignite do in bee swarm simulator?

+Passive: Ignite. Every 15 red ability tokens creates 5 spires of flames in a “+” formation that collects 6R/3W/1B pollen from 9 surrounding flowers, increased by 2% for every red bee and 4% for each gifted red bee. Does 15 damage per second if touched by a mob, and lasts 4 seconds. The passive has no cooldown.

How do you get all the hunter masks in Division 2?

Division 2 Cross, Death, Diamond, and Phantom Mask LocationTravel to ViewPoint Museum.Head southwest towards the park.Look for a Christmas tree.Head west of the tree, into the building and interact with a lever.Go back to the Christmas tree and run circles around it.Four hunters will spawn.Good luck.

Can you buy Stingers in bee swarm simulator?

Buying it from the Stinger Shop: 1 stinger per 10 tickets. A rare drop from leaves in the Cactus Field.

How do you get the Spectre mask in Division 2?

Spectre Mask Picture & Information The Spectre Mask is one of twelve Hunter Masks you can unlock in The Division 2. This mask is a cosmetic item you can find and equip under the Apparel > Mask. Once you collect one Hunter mask it will be added to the collection wall in the basement of the White House.

How do I get the Midas mask?

Walk to the center of the pool and use your Jumping Jack emote. When you do this two Hunters will be summoned. Defeat both of these Hunters to get the Revenant and Midas masks.

What does gummy morph do?

Gummy Morph activates every 30 gumdrops used or 10 Gummy Bee ability tokens collected (Gummy Bee ability tokens count as 3). When activated, the player will be transformed into Gummy Bear, Gummy Bee will glow, and the field will be covered fully in goo. … The Gummy Bee also leaves a trail while glowing.

How do you get the crimson mask?

Interact with Phones at Manning National Museum of Art There is a phone here you can interact with. Interact with the phone then go to the north reception area and do the same thing. Upon interaction with both of these phones the Hunter for this location will spawn. Defeat it to get the Crimson Mask.

What is the best code in bee swarm simulator?

Bee Swarm Simulator Codes (Available)Buzz – 5,000 Honey.Nectar – 5,000 Honey.38217 – 5x Tickets.Bopmaster – 5x Tickets.Cog – 5x Tickets.Connoisseur – 5x Tickets.Crawlers – 5x Tickets.Roof – 5x Tickets.More items…•

How do I get the Wraith mask?

Salute Flag on Washington Ave SW Inside the small pool you will see a light that is on. Shoot the light that is on then step out of the pool and use the Salute Emote to spawn the Hunter for this area directly in front of you. Defeat the Hunter to get the Wraith Mask.

Which mask is better in bee swarm simulator?

If a mask doesn’t trigger its bonus, the diamond mask gets me more. Keep in mind also, if you want to maximize the mask you like you’ll need to design your hive to fit it a bit. Shy bees are great for gummy mask or demon mask but they are useless for diamond.

How do you get the cross mask in Division 2?

To find The Division 2 Cross mask you need to complete a secret event and kill Hunter. Here i’m showing the location of the Hunter that drops Cross Mask. There are 12 in game collectible vanity hunter masks in total and only 8 masks events.

How do you get the crimson mask in Division 2?

The trick here is to make haste and sprint from one phone to another. If you can’t interact with the second phone, return to the first one and ring again. Once you answer the second phone, the Crimson Hunter will spawn in the nearby courtyard.

How do you spawn a Wraith hunter?

While facing them memorial notice the light in the left corner of the pool. Shoot it to leave the monument in total darkness. Now open your Emotes Menu by pressing down on your D-Pad and select the Salute emote. Once you salute the memorial, the Wraith Hunter will spawn right behind the large plaque with names on it.

Which is better bubble mask or fire mask?

If you were to place Bubble Mask against Fire Mask in a white field, odds are the Bubble Mask would win, especially if said person has the Cobalt Bee. Third of all, Bubble Mask’s ability is better. Just a single bubble is better than the Fire Mask’s ignite.