Question: What’S Another Word For Done?

What are synonyms for Done?

donecomplete,completed,concluded,down,ended,finished,over,over with,More items….

What is another word for performed?

Some common synonyms of perform are accomplish, achieve, discharge, effect, execute, and fulfill.

What’s another word for did?

In this page you can discover 58 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for did, like: served, answered, fared, made, performed, executed, caused, set, managed, arranged and dressed.

What is a better word for was?

What is another word for was?madewereimpersonatedput onbeenfollowedmatchedechoedrepeatedparalleled59 more rows

Will be performed Meaning?

perform verb (DO) to do an action or piece of work: Computers can perform a variety of tasks. The operation will be performed next week. Most of the students performed well in the exam. perform well/badly.

Is it correct to say I am done?

Using ‘Done’ and ‘Finished’ There is no rule against using done to mean finished. Upon the completion of a meal for example, you are allowed to say “I’m done” or “I’m finished.” However, some incorrectly continue to attest to the outdated adage “people are finished, food is done.”

What is the opposite word of done?

Antonyms for done raw, lively, saved, unfulfilled, unused, indefinite, rare, incomplete, unfixed, undone, unperfected, unfinished, Denied, Vetoed.

What can mean all done?

used for saying that you have finished doing something. ‘OK, all done! ‘, said the dentist. Synonyms and related words.

Are you all done?

“Are you done” is used when asking a person if he or she has finished doing something. The thing that is being done is known. … “Have you done” is asked when the thing being done is not known, and the person is inquiring as to what the thing is.

What is sign language for all gone?

All gone begins with your dominant hand open and palm facing inward. Your non-dominant hand lies open and flat to form a base with your palm facing the sky. You perform the sign by moving your dominant hand forward, away from you, while clenching your first.