Question: What Is The Longest Running Marvel Comic?

Will Marvel comics ever end?

As long as there are buyers for the product, there will never be an end.

There have been several alternate universe stories that talk of the end of the Marvel heroes—Marvel’s collection of The End limited series, Days of Future Past, The Last Avengers Story, Earth X, Future Imperfect, Old Man Logan, and many more..

Who was the first Marvel superhero?

Human TorchTimely’s first comic book was Marvel Comics no. 1 (cover dated October 1939), which featured several superhero characters, most notably the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner.

What comic is worth the most money?

SupermanNow onto the ultimate rarity… he’s the poster boy of the superhero world and commands the highest price a comic book has ever sold for. It’s Superman… well technically it’s Action Comics. That’s right Action Comics #1 from June 1938, the original and first appearance of Superman hit a record sale: $3.2 million in 2014.

Is Adam Warlock stronger than Thanos?

Adam Warlock is no way near stronger than Thanos. Adam Warlock specialities is that he has a deeper understanding of the multiverse but same as Thanos. … Warlock is strong and can manipulate cosmic energy. But not on the scale Thanos can.

Is Marvel the end canon?

It has been repeatedly mentioned in multiple canon sources, including : … Thanos (2003) issue #1. Thanos sourcebook (2010), section 020.

How long would it take to read all the Marvel Comics?

The first issue of The Official Index To The Marvel Universe suggests that there are 32,000 comics in the last 70 years. Let say you spend 15 minutes reading one comic book; it would take you 480,000 minutes or 8000 hours or 333 days reading non-stop to finish all of them, theoretically speaking.

What comic book has the most issues?

SupermanSuperman is the best-selling American comic book series, having sold the most periodical floppy comic issues….Periodical single-issue floppy comics.Comic seriesX-MenCreator(s)Stan Lee Jack KirbyNo. of issues12,000Serialized1963 – presentApproximate sales563 million8 more columns

How do you read Marvel fresh start?

Marvel Fresh Start Reading OrderPart 1: Avengers, Defenders, and Guardians.Part 2: Infinity Wars.Part 3: Spider-Geddon.Part 4: Anniversary.Part 5: X-Men Disassembled.Part 6: War of the Realms.Part 7: War of the Realms Aftermath.Part 8: Absolute Carnage.More items…

Who kills Thanos in Marvel Comics?

Warlock summons the Avengers and Captain Marvel to stop Thanos, although the plan is foiled when Thanos kills Warlock. The Titan regroups and captures the heroes, who are freed by Spider-Man and the Thing. Thanos is finally stopped by Warlock, whose spirit emerges from the Soul Gem and turns the Titan to stone.

What is the longest running comic?

Rudolph Dirks’ The Katzenjammer Kids debuted in 1897 in William Randolph Hearst’s Sunday edition of the New York Journal. At 113 years and counting, the strip is the longest-running newspaper comic in history.

Who is the oldest super hero?

Superheroes Timeline1936 The Phantom. Created by Lee Falk (USA), the first superhero was The Phantom, who debuted in his own newspaper comic strip on 17 Feb 1936. … 1938 Superman. … 1939 Batman. … 1939 Captain Marvel. … 1940 The Comet. … 1940 The Flash. … 1940 Fantomah/Woman in Red. … 1940 Justice Society of America.More items…

What was the very first comic book?

Famous FunniesThe first modern comic book, Famous Funnies, was released in the US in 1933 and was a reprinting of earlier newspaper humor comic strips, which had established many of the story-telling devices used in comics.

Which country reads the most comic books?

JapanPer Wikipedia: “The largest comic book market is Japan.

Who sold Marvel to Disney?

Disney originally passed on buying Marvel because some execs thought it would ‘tarnish’ the brand, according to CEO Bob Iger. Disney bought Marvel in 2009 for $4 billion, but it could have done it earlier if executives hadn’t objected.

Who came first DC or Marvel?

It was founded in 1934 as National Allied Comics, first published the title Detective Comics in 1937, and officially changed its name to DC in 1977. Marvel began in 1938 as Timely Comics, published the title Marvel Comics in 1939, became Atlas Comics in 1951 and Marvel Comics in 1961.