Question: How Do I Download TurboTax On A Second Computer?

Can I download TurboTax on two computers?

You can install TurboTax CD/Download on up to five different computers.

Each installed copy can prepare different returns..

Can I install the software on a second computer?

You may install the software on any computer you own. Note: Software that requires a product key for installation can only be installed on a single computer.

Can I do multiple tax returns with TurboTax Online?

When you use Online TurboTax, you get one return per fee. … When you use Desktop TurboTax, which you install from a CD or download to your own hard drive, you can prepare and e-file multiple returns for the cost of the software. You can e-file up to 5 Federal returns—more if you mail the additional ones.

Can you buy TurboTax as a download?

TurboTax CD/Download products: Price includes tax preparation and printing of federal tax returns and free federal e-file of up to 5 federal tax returns.

Can I use TurboTax for multiple users?

True … the program is licensed for only one user … which means you cannot sell the program to others, or let others use the program for free. The License agreement says you are to install the program on computers that only you own thus the one user limitation.

Is TurboTax available 2020?

All TurboTax Online products will be available beginning December 3, 2020. This includes TurboTax Live and our elite team of tax experts, ready with advice and answers to your tax questions. TurboTax is also offering a Refund Advance beginning December 3, 2020.

What’s the difference between TurboTax online and download?

TurboTax Online is a web-based program that is not installed on your computer. TurboTax CD/downloaded versions are stand-alone programs installed on your computer.

Can TurboTax software be shared?

You can, however, install the software on up to five of your computers using the same license code. If you need more, you’ll need to purchase another TurboTax license.

Can I have more than one TurboTax account?

It is possible, and common, to have multiple accounts with TurboTax; however at this time we can not merge those accounts. You can clear all of the information in the unwanted account, but you will need to Contact Customer Support to have an account deactivated.

Is it cheaper to buy TurboTax or do it online?

TurboTax reported that 80% of the returns it handled came from its online products. When you have a choice between buying the software you install on your computer and paying to use the service online, you are better off buying the software download.

How many returns can I do with TurboTax Online?

You can prepare up to 20 returns in your TurboTax Online account. With TurboTax Online, you pay per return and can choose to use different editions, up to a total of 20 returns.