Question: Can I Put A Pistol Grip On A Shockwave?

Can you put a stock on a pistol grip shotgun?

As long as your barrel is over 18″ you can put a stock on it.

The AOW or SBS definitions kick in with other OAL and Barrel Lengths..

Can you put a pistol grip on a Remington 870?

The molded-in grooves are of minor help at best. Now, a pistol grip does not make an 870 into a handgun, and maneuvering the gun with any pistol grip is best done with a hand on the fore-end. … This is in addition to a pistol grip that’s noticeably longer than the other three grips.

What states is the Mossberg Shockwave illegal?

In addition, initial indications are that the Mossberg Shockwave is also not legal to sell to consumers in California, Maryland, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. Additional information will be posted on the legality of the Mossberg Shockwave in those states as it is received.

Is the Mossberg Shockwave worth it?

If you’re looking for a tiny firearm that fires shotgun shells (and doesn’t require NFA hassle or breaking the law), then the Mossberg Shockwave is for you! However, if you’re weaker or aren’t super confident in your ability to run the pump-action design, you might want to stick to a full-size shotgun.

Is the Mossberg Shockwave a good home defense weapon?

That’s the short answer. If you live in a jurisdiction where the Shockwave is legal, the Shockwave can be practical for home defense. That’s the short answer. … Most self-defense 12-gauge ammunition with 00 buckshot has 8 or 9 pellets, and if 6 or 7 of those pellets hit the attacker, they can do tremendous damage.

Can I change the grip on a Mossberg Shockwave?

Mossberg 590 Shockwave with your hand securely in the loop. … The Mossberg forend should offer more protection in this regard due to the contour. Do not change the Raptor grip, either. Adding a traditional (vertical) pistol grip will shorten the overall length making it an AOW.

Can Mossberg shockwave shoot slugs?

You can theoretically shoot any slug out of a Shockwave, as long as it’s a 3” or shorter shell.

Will Mossberg Shockwave be banned?

The Mossberg Shockwave is legal (in the United States) because it’s a firearm, yet avoids falling into any of the subcategories of firearm the law defines.

Can I make my own Mossberg Shockwave?

So yes, you can make your own shockwave as long as you start with a Mossberg 500 that came from the factory with a pistol grip, or a virgin receiver like Black Aces used to sell.

The Mossberg Shockwave Short barreled shotguns without shoulder stocks and less than 26 inches in length are regulated under the NFA because they are easily concealed, and were favored by criminals at the time of the law’s passage. The product debuted to press explaining that yes, it is indeed legal.

A shotgun is a firearm regardless of whether it has a pistol grip. Regardless of pistol grip or shoulder stack, if it has a barrel less than 18” , then in the US it is a Class III firearm, regulated as “Any other weapon” (AOW) under the National Firearms Act (NFA) Of 1934 .

Why is pistol grip illegal?

Thumbhole stocks Some places — including New York — ban pistol grips on rifles because of the easy control they provide, but a “thumbhole stock” found its way around that rule. The butt is designed like that of a traditional rifle: the trigger grip is a single piece all the way into the stock.

Which is better Mossberg shockwave or Remington TAC 14?

While both serve a similar purpose and are great guns, the Shockwave has 1 more round capacity than the Tac-14. It also has a strap underneath the fore-end that the Remington does not have. The Shockwave’s safety is on the top vs. near the trigger guard like the Tac-14.

Can you put a foregrip on a shockwave?

You cannot out a VFG on a pistol. The reason why is that a pistol is a gun that is defined as “designed to be fired from one hand”. By adding a VFG, you will break that definition. … The Mossberg Shockwave is not a pistol, this you can put a VFG on it.