Is Alfred Alive?

Why did Bruce Wayne kill Alfred?

It is that which Thomas Wayne, apparently, is trying to take away from his now-surviving son Bruce Wayne.

But also an act that Alfred Pennyworth made, in order to get Batman to do what he knew he must.

Alfred knew he would die – and that was okay.

It was necessary..

Is Batman Dead?

Bruce Wayne is actually dead. He sacrificed himself (which also seems unlikely) and the world has moved on. But that doesn’t mean he’ll stay dead. Heroes and villains come back from the dead all the time.

Is Alfred Batman’s father?

3. At your service: There are several stories on how Alfred came to serve Batman/Bruce Wayne. The two most often told are: 1) Bruce’s parents hired him away from the British royal family and 2) Alfred’s father, Jarvis Pennyworth, requested on his deathbed that Alfred continue in his stead serving the Waynes. 4.

Who killed Batman’s parents?

Joe ChillIn Batman’s origin story, Joe Chill is the Gotham City mugger who murders young Bruce Wayne’s parents, Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne. The murder traumatizes Bruce, inspiring his vow to avenge their deaths by fighting crime as the vigilante Batman.

Did Alfred kill Batman’s parents?

No. However, there is a parallel-universe plot where Alfred indeed murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne. In this universe, Bruce Wayne never lived to become the Batman we all know and love. Instead, his evil brother grew up and became a supervillain named Owlman.

Does Harvey Bullock die?

Harvey Bullock – Alive and Probably Drunk True to form, he was right there to watch Jim get named the new GCPD Commissioner…

Why did Reggie stab Alfred?

Following Bruce Wayne beginning to investigate the corruption in Wayne Enterprises, the board panicked and hired Reginald to investigate what Bruce had. … Then he stabbed Alfred, as he had been instructed to do this to, leaving Bruce vulnerable.

Who killed Alfred Batman?

Victor ZsaszHe is visited by Superman in Year Five, the Kryptonian wanting to know the ever-elusive Batman’s location. Alfred, unaware where Batman is and not willing to help nonetheless, ignores Superman. He is eventually killed by Victor Zsasz, whom Superman sent to get information on Batman’s location.

Is Alfred really dead in Gotham?

For those of you worried Alfred is dead, as Selina (Camren Bicondova) is… Don’t worry, Gotham wouldn’t do anything crazy like kill Alfred the butler (hold that thought for a moment). He got his back broken, though, which is probably why he’s not headed out of Gotham City with most of the rest of the characters.

Does Alfred come back in Season 4?

Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) treated his butler and guardian, Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) badly this Season 4 of “Gotham,” and the billionaire boy even sent him away. When the show returns from its winter break, it looks like Bruce will realize the error of his ways and come looking for his long-time friend.

Does Alfred come back to life?

While Alfred died heroically saving Batman and Robin from a giant boulder, Alfred was revived by a mad scientist named Brandon Crawford, and he was resurrected as the villainous Outsider in Detective Comics #366, by Gardner Fox and Sheldon Moldoff.

Did Alfred beat up Superman?

Alfred Beats Superman The two heroes get into a full on fight, and Superman is clearly beating up Batman in the process. … He has taken a super pill that Green Arrow had given to Batman to try and duplicate and so he had temporary super strength. He takes advantage and beats up Superman in order to protect Bruce Wayne.

Is Alfred Pennyworth alive?

The storyline is over and Alfred Pennyworth is indeed dead. … Consider this, in this version of continuity, Alfred has known Bruce since he was born. Thomas and Martha Wayne were his parents for eight years, but Alfred was his surrogate father for decades.

Does Alfred stay dead?

So, yes. DC Comics will not be reversing the death of Alfred Pennyworth any time soon. Even until the end of Tom King’s run and into what is looking more and more Bruce Wayne stepping down for a Batman relaunch with Luke Fox, previously Batwing, in the central role.

What would Batman do if Alfred died?

Bruce wayne took the identity of batman after going through the deaths of his parents . If joker kills alfred , batman wouldn’t kill joker because he always sticks to his own rule of not killing. That’s what makes him different from criminals. He’ll capture joker and hand him over to the custody.